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Stage 1 Paint Correction Service for Your Mobile Auto Detailing Needs in the San Francisco Bay Area

Remove The Paint Imperfections and Reveal The Gloss

Paint Swirl Removal usually referred to as the process of paint correction is to remove paint defects along with minor scratches and swirls resulting in that shiny paint your vehicle had out of the factory. We go through a buffing process and a polishing step, through various pads and products to ensure maximum results.

Our paint correction process is very time consuming and can vary by vehicle type, size, condition and paint color.It takes a lot of patience and skill as our service duration can last anywhere from 6 hours to 8 hrs. But on the bright side your paint will look magnificent after we have properly corrected your car's paint and restored its natural shine wether we serviced your car with a stage 1 or 2 or provided our color enhancement service. Stage 1 Paint Correction is the perfect choice for car owners who want to enhance the appearance of their vehicle without the extensive time and cost associated with more intensive correction processes. This service is designed to address minor imperfections such as light swirl marks, fine scratches, and holograms that dull the paint surface over time.

Handle Detailing, Paint Correction Mobile Detailing Service on a BMW

Our Stage 1 Paint Correction Process

Initial Assessment: We inspect your vehicle to assess the condition of the paint and identify areas that require correction.

Safe Wash:

We start by washing your car using safe, pH-balanced products to remove dirt and debris without causing any further damage to the paint.

Paint Decontamination:

We use clay bars and special cleaners to remove contaminants such as tar, industrial fallout, and tree sap that washing alone cannot eliminate.

Machine Polishing:

Using professional-grade polishers and compounds, we carefully polish the paint to reduce or eliminate swirl marks, light scratches, and other imperfections.

Finishing Touches:

We apply a high-quality wax or sealant to protect the newly corrected paint and enhance its gloss and depth.

Services + Starting Prices

Stage 1 Paint Correction Benefits 


  • Pre-rinse

  • Foam Bath

  • High Quality Clay bar

  • Hand Wash

  • Wheel Cleaning

  • Tire Dressing

  • Hand Dry

  • Plastic Restored

  • Stage 1 Paint Correction

  • Paint Protection

  • 5-7 hr Service

On a stage 1 paint correction, after masking any areas that can be damaged we start our polishing process working on a two by two foot area as most professionals do to prevent any missed spots. We pair our Meguiar's polishing product with a chemical guys white light polishing pad and finishing pad to our Adam's swirl killer machine to ensure elimination of 50%-75% of swirls and scratches on your car's paint

  • Enhanced Appearance: Achieve a showroom-like finish with enhanced gloss and clarity.

  • Paint Protection: By removing imperfections, your vehicle's paint is better protected from environmental factors and maintains its value.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Compared to more intensive correction stages, Stage 1 is a quicker and more affordable option while still delivering significant improvements.

Handle Detailing, Paint Correction Mobile Detailing Service on a Ford Mustang
Handle Detailing, Paint Correction Mobile Detailing Service on a Van

Book Your Stage 1 Paint Correction Service Today!

Ready to give your vehicle the attention it deserves? Contact us today to schedule your Stage 1 Paint Correction Service. Whether you're at home, work, or anywhere else, we'll bring our expertise and passion for auto detailing right to you.

Transform your vehicle's appearance with Handle Detailing – where excellence meets convenience in mobile auto detailing. Discover the difference Stage 1 Paint Correction can make for your car today!

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