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Superior Paint Polishing Services Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

Remove The Paint Imperfections and Reveal The Gloss

Paint Swirl Removal usually referred to as the process of paint correction is to remove paint defects along with minor scratches and swirls resulting in that shiny paint your vehicle had out of the factory. We go through a buffing process and a polishing step, through various pads and products to ensure maximum results.We offer 3 types of services, a stage 1 paint correction, a stage 2 paint correction , and a color enhancement service.


Our paint correction process is very time consuming and can vary by vehicle type, size, condition and paint color.It takes a lot of patience and skill as our service duration can last anywhere from 8 hours to 15 hrs. But on the bright side your paint will look magnificent after we have properly corrected your car's paint and restored its natural shine wether we serviced your car with a stage 1 or 2 or provided our color enhancement service.

Buffing a Car

Our Paint Polishing Process

We first start off with a thorough of your hand wash to get any dirt from your car’s paint, wheels, tires, rims etc. Next we use a clay bar to decontaminate the paints surface. This is necessary because we don't want to spread any contaminants on the paint and cause holograms or micro scratches. After we will hand wash once again in order to ensure any above the surface contaminants have been removed from the vehicle's paint. Then we hand dry and machine dry your vehicle to prepare for the paint correction process.


Next we tape and mask off all the areas, plastics or bumpers we know are prone to be damaged by our chemicals products or machines we use throughout the process. Depending on the level of service you will receive or need the process we follow are below.

Great Services to Rejuvenate the Paint to Make it Shine


Stage 1 Paint Correction

On a stage 1 paint correction, after masking any areas that can be damaged we start our polishing process working on a two by two foot area as most professionals do to prevent any missed spots. We pair our Meguiar's polishing product with a chemical guys white light polishing pad and finishing pad to our Adam's swirl killer machine to ensure elimination of 50%-75% of swirls and scratches on your car's paint.

Stage 2 Paint Correction

On a stage 2 paint correction, after marking any areas that can be damages we start our buffing process. Also on a two by two section as most professionals do. This ensures we don't miss any spots. We start our buffing process with our Meguiar's compounding cut product paired with either our orange or yellow chemical guys cutting pad on our Adam's swirl killer. This combination allow us to remove deep scratches, swirls and oxidation. Next we follow up with our Meguiar's polishing product with a chemical guys white light polishing pad and finishing pad to our Adam's swirl killer machine to ensure up to 95% of swirls and scratches on your car's paint have been removed.

Color Enhancement

On a color enhancement we would after the masking off of all areas start on the wet sanding process. Most clients are confused on the difference this brings compared to a paint correction. Well it it for vehicles which had lost the bright color in their paint. We continue by wet sanding entire vehicle at a 1500 grit sandpaper then a 3000 grit sandpaper in order to even out surface and remove paint defects. Then start buffing and polishing out the sand marks as we continue in the stage 2 paint correction process. We finish off with a completely restored paint as it had just been re-shined and almost scratch and swirl free to the untrained eye.

Swirl Removal.JPEG
Get your paint swirls removed. A before

Shops and Their Paint Corrections

In our San Francisco area most shops in order to save money will hire an average detailer to detail your vehicle diminishing your vehicle's appearance after its been serviced. Also these car wash shop will have inexperienced detailers resulting in a bunch of haze marks. If you have a dark colored car your car is extremely prone to defects therefore become more noticeable. Save yourself a double detail and schedule us for your fist detail.

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