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The Best Headlight Restoration Services in San Francisco 

Are your headlights yellow or oxidized in the San Francisco area ? We can definitely help your restore your headlights to a like new condition. Maybe it's affecting your visibility at night or on rainy days. Well we can solve your issue of hazed headlights, without you having to buy new ones. Pricing for new headlights usually range between ($200-$2200) depending on vehicle type and brand. We will remove any hazing from your headlights so you won't have to purchase new headlights.

The Headlight Restoration Process

Many people try headlight restoration kits with an attempt to get astonishing results.They don't last long, within a couple of weeks the application disappears.We don’t use any headlight repair kit, but we go through a 4-step process which results in eliminating any headlight yellowness, oxidation, or hazing.  


We highly suggest pairing this service with a car wash to maximize your vehicle's look. The headlight restoration process starts off by sanding the surface of the headlights with a 1500 grit sandpaper to remove any dirt or hazing the continue the process with 2500, then 3000.This step ensures all junk and debris is off the headlights. Next, we then buff  out the headlights with our compound and polish them to ensure scratch-free surface. Depending on the request of the client we apply a coating or sealant for protection and ensure long lasting.

before results headlight restoration
headlight restoration after resutls

What Causes Your Headlights to Look Bad

We get many of our San Francisco clients who come to us with worn out headlights. The two main problems with car headlights  today are that they are no longer made of glass and todays plastic headlights are not protected from UV . These two problems make vehicles headlights highly susceptible to oxidation.


The heat is another common cause. In hot areas, sunny days or summer time headlights become weakened. The clear coat on headlights is not as strong as clear coat on paint therefore head penetrates the headlight clear coat creating hazing, yellow, or oxidation.

Common Myths About  Fixing Your Headlights

A common myth is toothpaste is good for cleaning headlights. This method improves headlights but doesn't eliminate 100% of haze in headlights. Our headlight restoration process ensures like new condition.


Using ‘off the shelf’ DIY headlight restoration kits is a way of going but again not the best since, it doesn't eliminate all of the hazing on headlights. Also this method doesn’t include a sealant resulting a return of oxidation within a few weeks. We on the other hand apply sealant or coating to ensure long lasting results.

How To Maintain Headlights And Prevent Oxidation

In order to maintain your headlights as a like new condition re application of wax, sealant or coating is key. This will maintain protect and prevent any oxidation to return. We suggest applying wax about everytime you wash your vehicle or have us do it for you, just mention it to us. Sealant apply every 4 weeks and coating every 6 weeks to ensure long lasting results.

headlight restoration before/after results
Headlight Restoration. Get your vehicle
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