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The Best Hand Car Wash In San Francisco

If you are looking for a quick and cheap option when is comes to getting a car wash on perhaps a your most valuable investment we are not the best option for you. However, our service provides quality, professionalism and exceptional work. We surpass the quality of work of your typical San Francisco car wash location near you.

We are detailed oriented and ensure your vehicle is left spotless. We know it is not difficult to learn how to wash a car, but it does take skill to perform spectacular results. We will make sure your are 100% happy with our service. By taking your car to your typical gas station car wash, you probably may not notice but you are not getting your money's worth. We make sure we thoroughly wash your vehicle and even getting some areas that you probably wouldn't notice unless we pointed it out. We have the experience and standards which allow us to make sure the it gets done correctly.

Our Wash Process

There have been studies across the U.S. on the average water consumption used during a car wash. According to Charles Borchard Rinse the average car wash can use anywhere from 35 to 70 gallons of water per car wash. Not only that but his research showed that the average tunnel car wash can sue up to 120 gallons of water per car. Is that very environmentally friendly? We keep this in mind and try to use the least amount of water necessary and as a result on average we consume 8-10 gallons of water while we clean your car. 

During our wash process we always perform the typical 2 bucket wash method: Bucket 1 is for rinsing our wash mitt, while Bucket 2 is for our soap. This method ensure no cross contamination between dirty water and clean water.

We then continue and start on the wheels and tires since it tends to be the most dirty. This prevents any loose brake dust or dirty to splash on to the vehicle's paint if stated washing the wheels and tires last. In order to prevent double work  we start rinsing the car from top to bottom with our pressure washer to remove dirt and dust, foam up the vehicle completely with our foam cannon, then continue our hand wash of every area of the vehicle.

Once we’ve raised off the vehicle thoroughly, we successfully hand dry the vehicle with our Professional Towels and a blower. This step is essential to ensure all the water is blown out of nooks and crannies, so when you drive off, no water will be dripping down after you leave.


  • Pre-Rinse

  • Foam Bath

  • Hand Wash Wheel Cleaning 

  • Tire Dressing

  • Hand Dry

Hand Car Wash San Fransisco
Hand Car Wash San Fransisco
Hand Car Wash San Fransisco

Common Mistakes About Washing Your Car

Take care of your investment! By far the biggest mistake is letting the rain clean your vehicle, and thinking of it as a free wash. The rain only removes little to no dirt due to it not not having the force that is needed to remove dirt or grime. As a result we get clients complaining of dirt etching into paint, contamination build up and watermarking on windows or paint.


The next mistake is taking your vehicle to a drive through car washes it may seem convenient at the moment but on the long run can damage you paint. Preserve your investment, these self car wash don’t provide you with enough the clean and proper tools to properly wash your vehicle. We receive many clients with the issue of scratches and swirl marks as a result of these convenient car wash methods. We suggest our swirl removal or water mark service as a solution.

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