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Handle Detailing FAQ

Can you take off stains?

Yes, definitely we can remove most stains with our Deep Interior Cleaning service. Although some stains are irremovable due to the severity and time it has been allowed to etch on interior materials causing is to dye material therefore irremovable stains occur.

Does Paint correction remove scratches?

Try the fingernail test. If scratches can be felt with running a fingernail across it, clear coat and paint has been removed creating an irreparable scratch. Although we are not able to repair the irreparable we can remove most scratches and swirl marks with either of our Paint Correction Services. We offer a Stage 1 Paint Correction, Stage 2 Paint Correction, and a Color enhancement for dull paint.

How often should I detail me vehicle?

We recommend clients to detail their vehicles every 2-4 weeks in oder to avoid any paint etching caused by dirt and grime being left on a vehicles paint surface for long periods of time to ensure maximum paint life. We offer maintenance plans to keep keep away dirt and grime in 1-4 week intervals at a discounted rate.

What is a Maintenance Plan?

A maintenance plan is a  regularly scheduled cleaning of your vehicle including a premium wash and basic interior cleaning at a fraction of the price.

How often should I Clay Bar my vehicle?

In order to remove any contaminants before they start to become permanent and etch to your vehicles paint we highly recommend  to clay bay any vehicle every 3-4 months depending on vehicle usage. We offer our Premium Wash which includes wash, clay bar decontamination, and wax.

Do I need leather condition?

We suggest leather conditioning one a year in order to keep leather soft and keep its shine it had from the factory. Our deep cleaning interior service includes leather conditioning in leather interiors.

Can you eliminate smoke and odors from interior?

Yes, through our deep interior service we can eliminate odors. Smoke removal requires a more profound cleaning in oder to eliminate a smoker smell but check out our additional services or call us to ask about pricing.

What does a clay bar do?

A treatment to your paints vehicle which removes any contaminants such as bugs, tar or dirt trying to etch and damage your paint. Our premium wash includes the clay-bar treatment. 

Can you remove vehicle damage?

Been involved or in a car accident you have paint transfer. We can remove paint transfer and prices starting at $50 and could go up to $200 depending on severity of paint transfer.

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