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Professional Deluxe Detailing in San Francisco

Make Your Car Feel Like-New With Our Most Popular Cleaning Service

The Deluxe Detail service is designed to accommodate vehicles who are  maintained regularly or need a refreshening in the San Francisco Bay Area. This service consists on a combination of our Deluxe Interior Cleaning and our Exterior Wash and Wax paired together to get your vehicle amazing results. There is no  stain removal, meaning if vehicle hasn't been regularly maintained, you should look into our Interior Deep Cleaning service. If you are looking to re-amp your vehicles shine this is a quick and cost effective service as the wax applied to your vehicle will bring gloss and add a layer of protection for up to 1 month. If you are looking to permanently remove swirls and scratches we would suggest our Stage 1 Paint Correction or Stage 2 Paint Correction.

Take Your Vehicle From “It’s so dirty,” to “It looks brand new”

Image by JZ The Creator


  • Pre-rinse

  • Foam Bath

  • Hand Wash

  • Wheel Cleaning

  • Tire Dressing

  • Hand Dry

  • Machine Wax


  • Thorough Vacuum

  • Deep Interior Wipe Down

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Door Jambs

  • Windows Inside & Out

  • Pet Hair (Additional Charge)

Deluxe Detail Pricing

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