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Enhance Your Vehicle's Protection with 1-Year Sealant Application in the San Francisco Bay Area

Welcome to Handle Detailing, your trusted partner for professional 1-year sealant applications in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our 1-year sealant service is designed to provide reliable protection and enhance the appearance of your vehicle, ensuring it stays looking its best year-round.

Applying 1 year sealant

Understanding 1-Year Sealant

A 1-year sealant is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior of your vehicle, offering a protective layer that shields against various environmental elements and enhances the paint's shine. This short-term solution provides several benefits:

Basic Protection:

Protects your vehicle from UV rays, water spots, and minor contaminants for up to one year.

Enhanced Appearance:

Adds depth and gloss to your vehicle's paint, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Ease of Application:

Quick and straightforward application process compared to longer-term coatings.

Applying Paint Sealant


Services + Starting Prices

1 Year Sealant Application Process

1. Vehicle Preparation

  • Washing: The vehicle is thoroughly washed to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants that could interfere with the bonding of the ceramic coating.

  • Decontamination: Clay bar treatment or chemical decontamination is used to remove embedded contaminants from the paint surface.

  • Drying: The vehicle is dried completely using microfiber towels or forced air to prevent water spots.

2. Paint Correction 

  • Paint Inspection: The paint surface is inspected for imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, or oxidation.

  • Paint Correction: If needed, a paint correction process may be performed to polish and restore the paint to a smooth finish before applying the ceramic coating.

4. Application of Ceramic Coating

  • Application Method: Sealant  is applied using soft, 5 inch lint-free applicator pads on a dual action polisher.

5. Post-Application Care

  • Maintenance Instructions: The customer is provided with instructions on how to care for the ceramic coating, including recommended wash techniques and maintenance products.

  • Follow-Up: Follow-up appointments or inspections may be scheduled to monitor the coating's performance and address any concerns.

Ceramic Spray Application

Benefits of Choosing 1-Year Sealant

  • UV Protection: Guards against sun damage, preventing paint fading and oxidation.

  • Water Repellency: Creates a hydrophobic surface that repels water and makes cleaning easier.

  • Cost-Effective: Provides a cost-effective option for those seeking temporary protection without the commitment of long-term coatings.

Get your Vehicle Sealed Now

Transform and protect your vehicle with our professional sealant  services. Schedule an appointment or request a quote today by contacting us . Trust Handle Detailing for reliable 1-year sealant solutions that keep your vehicle looking its best. Experience our commitment to quality and customer care with every service we provide

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